Our customers come from Syacuse, Buffalo, Utica, Ithaca, Fulton, Rochester (We love the Rochester City Chicken Club!), and everywhere in between. We are able to offer the great variety of breeds because of the number of folks that come here to purchase them.

Please know how grateful we are for your support.

We received the following email from a customer who lives two hours from our farm:

"Just wanted to let you know that I work for (a local feed store) in (upstate NY) and had a customer go thru a register yesterday and mentioned that although we sell chicks she was looking for a specific breed, she said she was going near Rochester to get them and I asked if she was coming up to see you guys and guess what, she was! I was able to relate to her that I purchased Turkeys from you last year as I will again this year and that you guys are the best!!!

Although it is a little bit of a drive it is so worth it. Keep up the good work!"

(We hear this all the time from the people that come to buy their chicks here. Most say they would never buy their stock anywhere else.)

Some more comments:

"The website looks great! We love going to the farm, and the Pecoras are absolutely the nicest people. In fact, if any families have been considering having a small flock (warning: chickens become a highly addictive hobby) I can't recommend them enough. They have healthy and beautiful chicks, and are a wealth of knowledge that you can tap any time. We got our first hens from them almost four years ago (and they are still laying, by the way) and any time a question has come up I send Jim and e-mail and he's always willing to help." S.M.

"We can add a resounding recommendation for Jim and Sandy!" J.S-B.

"Yay! The website looks great! Nice job!!!!! We love Nature Berry Farm. We have been getting our chicks from there for a couple years now and the kids love going out to see the babies. Jim is awesome! Once we had a rooster when we wanted only hens and he took the rooster right back and gave us a hen. He is very knowledgeable and loves his babies. Four years now and we still have all of our 15 girls, except one who got an illness a few weeks back. She was our first layer and the sweetest chicken. Think you cant get attached to a chicken???? They are sweet and entertaining and make me smile whenever I see them pecking around the yard." S.F.

"Jim and Sandy are our neighbors and we go there for chicks, ducks, feed, our Thanksgiving turkey, etc. They are terrific and Jim loves to show little ones around his chick pens in the spring!" S.T.

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