Nature Berry custom slaughters/processes poultry and is inspected yearly by the USDA.

  • Appointments are required for processing. Please call (315)-986-9123 and make arrangements with Jim. We process on Tuesdays and Thursdays and birds can be dropped off on Mondays after 4pm or tuesdays at 10am.
  • Jim processes chickens, pheasants, and guineas. We do NOT be process Turkeys or waterfowl. We would be happy to give you the name of other places that will butcher these birds.
  • The cost is $36 hour with a rough average of $3 per bird.


  1. Call ahead for your butchering needs. Tuesdays and Thursdays are processing days. One day prior to processing, remove all food. Remember that soil, litter and grass are food to hungry birds. Do not withdraw water. Keep out of the sun.
  2. Clean birds are healthier. Keep pens well bedded with straw, shavings, etc or clean, dry pasture. This will reduce soiling and breast blisters.
  3. Clean, cool water to drink helps keep livestock hydrated. Then water is frozen or too warm, dehydration occurs, feed consumption drops and weight gain slows.
  4. Feather picking results in a lower quality skin and can cause infection. To reduce picking : Lower light levels, increase area, feeds oats and greens, electrolytes in water, or debeak in extreme cases.
  5. Molting (or annual feather replacement) will have an adverse effect on proper feather removal when processing. Stubs or pin feathers are difficult to remove. Sun exposure causes balding areas to turn bright red which may look undesirable when dressed.
  6. Cornish X Rocks can reach 10 lbs in 4 months. These type of fast growing meat birds can develop leg and heart problems. They need feed that is 18% protein or greater. After 3 weeks of age, give grain 12hrs on/12hrs off to minimize health issues yet ensure growth.
  7. In warm weather, cages or crates are preferred over boxes or enclosed containers. Body heat can kill on a hot day and dead birds cannot be processed. Keep the birds in shade and cool when crated up.
  8. Your birds are killed humanely and processed to ensure quality and safety. Please bring a cooler with ice if you live more than 1/2 hour away in warm weather. An approved sanitizer is used for all tables, knives, sink and surfaces.
  9. When you pick up your meat, please remember to take your crates, cages with you. If they are labeled that makes it even better !!
  10. Please let me know if you would like the giblets, necks and/or feet. I only save them when requested.
  11. VERY IMPORTANT: Poultry muscles need 48-72 hours to relax. Do not consume or freeze until 72 hours after bird is processed or the meat will be stringy and tough.
  12. We sell meat chicks from March - October.
  13. Thank you for considering Nature Berry Farm for you processing / meat bird needs.

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