is a 10 acre farm in Macedon, NY. We believe in free range, natural products. We sell baby chicks, fertile eggs and are USDA inspected for butchering poultry. We do not buy or sell at auctions. We are tested yearly by the state to ensure our flock is disease-free and only buy from disease-free sources. Our certificates are available for your review. Please take the time to read Jim's welcome letter at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

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Welcome to . Over the years our farm has served Upstate NY Poultry Fanciers, Breeders, Hobbists and Farmers. We have been at our present location 24 years.

We breed Comets (Red Sex links), Black Queens (Black Sex links), Fayoumi, Houdan and Jaerhon. We have available both hatching eggs and chicks available March-October. Please see our egg page and chick page for information.

Our additional 45+ breeds come from breeding farms as chicks. To find out when various breeds are available, see our chick page. As chicks are ready to sell, they will be highlighted with "Now Available", "Low Supply" and finally "Sold Out". Rarely do chicks sell out the same day as available. The chicks are hatched the week they are listed on the schedule. You can determine the age of the chicks by adding the number of weeks since they were hatched. We do not take pre-orders as we always have a good assortment of birds all season.

Our location and Breeders/Hatcheries meet the standards of the NYS department of Ag and Markets in conjunction with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Because we have to protect our breeders and older chicks, there is no entry allowed in the Breeder Barn. We use foot disinfectant baths to both chick houses. We suggest you do not wear sandles. Most chicken chicks from out of state are vaccinated for Mareks disease. The exception is meat chicks as Mareks hits around 12 weeks. By then meat birds are harvested.

We sell chicks 1 day old- 4 weeks old. We don't sell adult birds. All chicks are guaranteed for 3 days if cared for properly. Sexed Pullets (females) are guaranteed not to be boys. You will need your guarantee and receipt to return up to 2 males per year.

All chicks are given probiotics and vitamins immediately at our farm. You will always get healthy chicks, good sound advice and honesty. Our reputation helps us to keep our old friends as well as the new faces we see every year. We appreciate every customer that chooses to shop at Nature Berry Farm and we want to know if you are not satisfied.

~ Jim

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