The Happy Chicken

Dan and Madeline
1399 Victor Rd, Macedon
1/4 mile from Nature Berry Farm
Same feed, Hours by appointment
They are friends of ours!

GMO-Free Poultry Feeds from Pine Creek Feeds in Lyons, NY All feed is ground fresh weekly at the mill. It consists of soy, corn and alfalfa with added minerals and vitamins.

All grain is locally-produced. It is not organic, but is a nice compromise between commercial and organic.

This is high-quality feed. GMO-free is mainly what we handle and use. No genetically-engineered or altered seeds are used. You can also get non-GMO free. By buying the GMO-free feed, you are supporting LOCAL farmers who will, in turn, plant more GMO-free seed. It is growing!

Very sustainable for all.

50 lb. GMO-Free Bags

Original Layer: 14% protein for hens and pullets.

Original Developer: 18% protein for chicks over six weeks of age, and meat breeds up to laying or harvesting.

Original Starter: 21% Protein for chicks, day-old to six weeks. Ducks, geese. Non-medicated.

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