AMERICAN GREEN EGGERS : Formerly listed as Americanas; Breeders of pure stock call the "Mutts" Easter Eggers. Because people may think these hens only lay at easter time, I am calling them American Green eggers. Some have muffs and/or beards. Some don't. Most have Peacombs and willow legs. Hardy to -20F. The eggs are colorful and have thick shells. No standard feather color.

BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCK: Black and white barred. Gentle. Quiet. Excellent layer of brown eggs. American heirloom. Not very broody. 6lbs. Great hardiness.

CUCKOO MARANS: A large chicken that lays very dark brown eggs. They resemble a Barred Plymouth Rock. Docile breed of French origin.

CHANTECLER: Created in Canada for cold weather. Very small comb. Good layers of Brown eggs. Active. Assorted colors. Rare in the U.S.

DOMINIQUE: The original barred breed from which Barred Rocks were developed. Rose combs. Alert. Good layers of brown eggs. Perky and good disease resistance.

LIGHT BRAHMA: White with black tail and wings. Feathered feet. Heavy 7 lbs, good layer, Excellent cold hardiness, broody, heirloom. Lays large, brown eggs.

BUFF BRAHMA: Yellow with black tail and wings, feathered feet, heavy 7 lbs, fair layer, excellent cold hardiness, broody, heirloom.

RHODE ISLAND RED: An American heirloom and important economic breed. Great layers, hardy, dependable and non-broody. 5 lbs. Very well-known.

RHODE ISLAND WHITE: Good layer and quiet. These hens are used to create golden comets. Very docile and mature early.

SPECKLED SUSSEX: Britain claims the origin for this generally brown hen, speckled with white and black. Quiet, broody, heirloom which lays well. 5 lbs.

BLACK AUSTRALORP: Australian bred, high production light brown layer, calm, non-broody, heirloom, 6 lbs. Cold and heat tolerant.

SILVER-LACED WYANDOTTE: White laced with black. American heirloom. Hardy with a small comb, Excellent cold hardiness, good layer, may go broody. 6 lbs. Developed in N.Y. State. Brown eggs.

GOLDEN-LACED WYANDOTTE: Same as above, Base color golden/copper.

COMETS: All fantastic egg layers, non-broody, excellent livability and disease resistance. (Male and females hatch different colors so easy to differentiate at birth). Great early layers of extra large, brown eggs. Very docile. Golden Comet made from RI Reds and RI Whites

SINGLE COMB BROWN LEGHORN: All leghorns are great layers. These brown ones are nearly hawk proof due to their color. They are at the top for free range breeds. Their drawback is they roost as high as they can. White eggs, medium-large.

BLUE ANDALUSIONS: White egg layer from Spain. Great layer and forager. The blue laced pattern only occurs on half the chicks. The others are black or splash. Hardy -10F

CALIFORNIA WHITE: Docile hybrid for large white eggs. Long length of lay, which is excellent. White with black flecks, calmer than white leghorns. Hardy -10F

NAKED NECKS: Also called Turkens. They lack full feathering and are very heat tolerant. Easy to pick as well. Exceptional layers of brown eggs. I have personally talked to keepers of this breed and they assured me they are cold hardy. They are now being bred to meat type breeds because of less feathers. There is no standard color but all can have the bare neck feature.

BLACK QUEENS (Red Rock Cross): Excellent brown egg layer, docile, females hatch out all black, males have a white spot on their head. Males make good broilers. Cross between Old fashioned Rhode Island males and Barred Plymouth Females.

CREAM BRABANTERS: From Belgium, cream base color with black spangles. Early layer of white eggs. An ancient breed and extremely rare. Has a crest similar to a mohawk. Also see gold variety. 4 lbs.

DELAWARES: A nice gentle medium size, very good layer of brown eggs. Developed in the 1900's for a layer and meat bird. 5 lbs. White with barring on neck and tail. Meat is considered one of the best for flavor.

BUFF ORPINGTONS: Good cold weather layers, they do go broody. Heirloom. Lay excellent-quality eggs.

EGYPTIAN FAYOUMIS: A small breed which is extremely disease resistant. Very active laying a medium cream colored egg. Best for free range. Mature at 4 months.

NORWEIGAN JAERHON: A small slow maturing excellent white egg layer of medium-large eggs and bred for cold and damp locations. Very rare.

RUSSIAN ORLOFF: Mahogany stippled with white. Brown egg layer with muff and beard. Hardy -20F. Very Rare.

WYANDOTTES: Buff, Columbian and Partridge. Rare colors. All dual purpose like the more common Silver and Golden.

MOTTLED JAVA: Black Stippled with white. Bred for brown egg production. Very hardy. Very Rare.

SALMON FAVEROLLE: French origin, muff, beard, feathered legs and 5th toe. Salmon color refers to females, Pullets, tinted cream eggs. 5 lbs. An amazingly friendly good layer. Cold-proof.

SILVER GRAY DORKINGS: Medium size white egg layer. Docile, short legs. Salmon, Gray and Black combination. An extremely ancient, rare breed.

BUCKEYES: An extremely hardy and rugged breed and the only breed developed solely by a woman. Similar to Rhode Island Reds. Buckeyes are more stout and muscular. Docile. Good brown egg layer. Hardy -20F.

EXCHEQUER LEGHORN: Like all leghorns, a great white egg layer. Splashes of black and white. Active. A great camouflage pattern. This is a very rare color in Leghorns.

GOLDEN BRABANTER: Dutch origin. Golden with black spangles and a tuft or crest on top of head. 4 lbs, Pullets, Very rare.


The following are Pure Bred Bantam (Dwarf) chicken breeds. All are docile and easily trained, and safe with children. STRAIGHT RUN ONLY.

Silkie: A larger Bantam with cottony angora style feathering. Solid assorted colors. Poor layers and excellent mothers. Low fertility is usual. Straight run. Feathered legs.

Mille Fleur and Blue Mille Fleur D'UCCLE Bantams: An attractive feather-legged breed. Orange with white and black spangles. Blue Mille Fleur are attractive. Friendly. Sold straight run.

Frizzles: These are frizzled cochin. There are other breeds who pass this on. The offspring are 75% frizzled. Although we cannot guarantee the frizzle trait, all are cochins in bantam size.

Wyandotte Bantams, assorted colors: Fine layers and in a multitude of colors, wyandottes are a friendly breed and very cold hardy.

Brahmas: Has feathered legs and toes and a small comb which makes these very winter hardy.

Moderns: Very upright, slim, in various colors

Cochins: Feathered feet, very calm, great broody hens, many colors.

Belgian D'Anver: Very friendly, color patterns are very unique in quail and blue quail color pattern.

Sebright: One of the smaller size bantams, in gold, silver and buff. Stunning!

Meat Breeds:

WHITE CORNISH ROCK CROSS: Fast growers, industry standard for meat. An 8 week male can easily weigh 5 lbs. Leg weakness is avoided using a higher (21%) protein starter and restricted feeding after 10days. The heaviest and most tasty of all breeds reaching 10 lbs. Big for a chicken.

WHITE GIANT TURKEYS: A broad-breasted very large turkey which can reach weight of 50 lbs. for toms and 30lbs for hens. Figure 22 weeks for a 20 lb. bird. Turkeys should never get damp until 8 weeks. Usually need to be medicated or kept dry and away from all other birds. They do not have great disease resistance.

Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys: Beautiful colors, same size as giant white. Turkeys need to roost at night.

Red Broilers: Straight run only. Good growth and can be pastured. Can be full fed without leg and heart failure. A great meat bird.

Barred Kings: A very good free range type male, excellent forager and will reach five pounds in twelve weeks. Calm and very heat resistant.

Comet Males: A white featherd fryer type male. Does not get as heavy, Matures early.


Black East Indies: Very similar to black cayugas. These are bantam ducks- size of a mallard or cail. Full iridescence of color. Good land duck.

Buff Duck: Docile, good egg layer.

Indian Runner: Very upright land foraging duck. Great egg layer. 3 1/2 Pounds. Active.

Black Cayuga: Medium 5 pounds: Created in New York state. All black, fairly quiet. Beautiful.

Geese: American Buff, Roman tufted pomeranian.


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